Entertainment Bookings
Booking Terms

Travel Fee

The following travel fees apply based on your location. If paid parking is required this will also need to be paid for by the client.  Some regions will be unavailable for shorter packages.


No Travel Fee

Moreton Bay, Redland, Logan




Gold Coast


Sunshine Coast


Scenic Rim, Lockyer Valley, Somerset


Travel fees for locations outside of the South-East Queensland region will require a quote.



For corporate bookings a non-refundable booking fee will be required to secure your chosen event date and time. Your booking is not confirmed until your deposit is received.  The remaining balance is due on the event date.

25% booking fee

For any event requiring flights all balances must be paid before our performers board flights or your deposit will be forfeited.

Date and time subject to availability and up to our own discretion.

Payment Policy:

The following payment deadline guidelines apply.
Bank Transfer: Due 5 days before event

PayPal: 3 days before event

Cash: On the day

If for some reason you are unable to pay on the day your account will be considered overdue and you will be contacted until payment is received.

An outstanding invoice that is overdue by 30 days will be forwarded to a Debt Collection Agency and any debt collection fees also applied.

Cancellation Policy:

All booking fees are non-refundable. If you must change the date of your event then please try to do so as early as possible so we can reschedule another date and time for your package; all new dates are subject to availability. If cancelled less than 48hrs before the day of the party then the date is non-exchangeable and will not be rescheduled.

Covid-19 Refund Policy

In the event of changes regarding Queensland gathering laws due to Covid-19 or other Government mandates (e.g. Lockdowns, people restrictions) refunds of deposit will be honoured. 

Pricing policy

Voyager Event Group hold the right to change any pricing on their websites either up or down at any given time. The price that you pay is always confirmed in an email/message from us and you will always pay what we quote to you directly in our correspondence so if our pricing increases after we have confirmed a price with you in an email/message then you will still pay what was quoted to you provided that your booking fee is paid within 1 week of that quote.


Illness Policy

We know that “life” happens, especially with little Birthday Boys and Girls. If he or she becomes ill and the party must be cancelled then we will work with you to find an alternative party date, based on availability and this may be subject to an extra charge. Please provide a 24 hour notice of illness, if possible. In some cases a doctors note will be needed as proof of illness.

As a professional entertainment company, we only take bookings that we can fill. This provides you with a streamlined stress-free experience. You can be confident that once you receive a booking confirmation email that your party is 100% locked in.

In the case of illness of our performers, we will do our best to replace the performer with another talent approved for the role.  In some cases, if no available performers are approved for your entertainment choice other entertainment options will be offered from our available pool.  In the very unlikely event we are able to provide a suitable solution you will be provided a 100% refund plus a 20% credit toward future entertainment.

Specific Performer Policy

If you have a specific performer request for a character then please ask and we will do our best to accommodate this for you.  There is a $49 "Request Fee" pending your chosen performer's availability.

Event Guest Policy
It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that your Guest count includes our performers and assistants and remains under within the legal Covid-19 guest count.

All of our different event packages are based on a recommended number of guests. The total amount is tailored specifically to each individual package. The total amount includes any other children eg. siblings, friends or other relatives who will be joining in with the parties games and activities; including siblings of party guests.


If expecting more than the total amount of guests stated then in most cases another entertainer(s) will be required for an additional fee. Each package is different so please ask for price details if expecting a larger amount of guests.

If upon arrival there are more guests than intended we are at no fault if we do not have enough resources to facilitate activities for the entire group.

Behaviour Problem Policy

Our performers have the right to walk out and leave if at any point they feel threatened, harassed or unsafe.


You as the hostess/host or the child’s parent, are responsible for any behaviour problems or issues during the event. Our Entertainers will not assume responsibility for providing any disciplinary action during a party. In order to continue to deliver and offer a magical and wonderful experience for your Party, our character entertainers will need to stay fully in character and to only focus on children that are following the rules and behaving appropriately during the party. If any issues do arise then it is the parent or guardians sole responsibility to issue any discipline and deal with any disruptive behaviour.

Our characters are not childminders and at least one parent must be present for the entire duration of the booking.


All guests are expected to behave appropriately around our performers.  This is particularly important characters such as Marilyn Monroe and Betty Boop and our dancers.  All of our entertainment offered is Family Friendly regardless of any of your preconceptions of the character they are portraying. Any inappropriate language or touching from a guest, depending on the severity judged by the discretion of the performer will result in a warning or the end of the performance without a refund.  If there are any ongoing problems with a particular guest we recommend the Event Organiser to ask the guest to behave, or in some cases ask the guest to leave in order to avoid losing entertainment ending early.

Photo Policy

The Voyager Event Group sometimes takes photos at events and these photos may be used to show a character or entertainment experience on our web-site and on Social media.  If you do not want photos placed on our web-site and Social media, you will need to let Voyager Event Group know in advance.  These photos will in no way be used to create merchandise or to sell to the public, only to promote and show potential customers a true representation of what they can expect when booking with us. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please do not hesitate to ask.

Accident or Damage Policy

Our entertainers are not liable for any damages or injuries that may occur at any particular party or event.

Covid-19 Covid Safety Measures

Click here for our full Covid-19 Information