Character Spotlight: JoJo Siwa

Meet Princess Chloe, our JoJo Siwa impersonator! She's now available to perform at events in Brisbane and the wider South-East Queensland area. She is available for hosting private celebrations and for roving and stage performances at corporate events.

JoJo Siwa is a bundle of unbridled energy and a HUGE hit for kids that love to dance. We have the perfect JoJo Siwa impersonator to lead your kids through a fun-filled party routine to suit all ages and dance levels.

JoJo will not only teach your kids popular dance routines, but will lead them through some super fun party games to kick off the celebration with "Pin the BowBow on the JoJo" and our super pink Goodie Gusher that distributes candy with it's magic key, because we're gonna live the dream like a candy queen!

As we only have one impersonator that we use for Jojo Siwa parties make sure you book in early to avoid disappointment.

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