Cast Members

Meet some of our talented performers

While not all of our cast are listed below, all of our performers are equally talented with strengths in multiple fields and often with specialities. 

If you are a performer and would like to join our talent database we would love to hear from you.  We are always looking for talent across all of our branches, with opportunities to cross train and work across the entire Voyager Event Group.  You can apply below at our online workforce portal with and a representative will be in touch for an interview to assess suitability.

Andrea Young Headshot

Andrea Young

Creative Director / Performer / Dancer

When Andrea isn't at at event or performing, she's organising one, two, or a few!

Andrea has been involved with Interactive Entertainment and events since 2008 giving her 12 years of experience. She's delighted to have had international opportunities at Walt Disney World and Mount Fuji-Q Highland.

Andrea has always believed that dreams come true - but you have to work hard to achieve them!  Luckily Andrea makes the job easier by being the magic maker behind all of our events and is responsible for entertainment co-ordination, casting, and audio visual effects.


  Andrea is unapologetic in her love of themed entertainment, especially in all things Disney so rest be assured that all the small details are taken care of!


Jamie Taljaard

Singer / Actor / Artist / Model / Animator

Jamie is a self proclaimed 'big-kid' at heart. Armed with an animation degree, many years of performance training and experience, and copious hours of Disney/cartoon-watching and appreciation, there is nothing she loves more than the chance to escape into a fantasy world...or craft one of her own. Whether it be working on personal art projects in her spare time, voice-acting, or performing on stage in character, she cherishes them all equally. She also loves dumplings, jewel tones, cats, jazz music, historical fashion and the movie, How To Train Your Dragon.

Sophia Beam Brisbane Performer

Sophia Beam

Social Media Manager / Actor / Singer / Model / Dancer

Sophia will do anything for an excuse to sing, dance and be goofy. With 13 years of singing, acting and dance training under her belt, Sophia can regularly be seen in dance class, on stage in a new musical, or performing with Brisbane idol group, Kirin Club. Sophia believes that hard work and a positive mind set will get you anywhere you want to be and can not wait to see what comes next for her.

Christopher Hubac Brisbane Performer

Christopher Hubac

Director / Writer / Performer/ Seamster

Chris is an aspiring director with a history in performing and entertaining. He has appeared in commercially availably music videos, and has a Bachelor in Game Design. A life long lover of movies has inspired him to create his own entertainment, and contribute to the world's sprit of fun and adventure. Chris is currently undergoing his Master's Degree in filmmaking. Always a goofball, Chris loves performing for children and is always out to have fun. Chris is a great character actor who is guaranteed to be the life of the party.

Moose Steakk - Brisbane Drag Queen

Moose Steak

Drag Queen / Host / Entertainer

Meet Miss Moose Steakk, The World's Most Sensual Bearded Woman! She is a Brisbane based drag hostess & performer who is a high energy, campy, comedic & bizarre whirlwind.